Dive Sites

All our dives are around the San Andres Island (Natural Monument) in Carboneras. The Island has submerged more than 10 hectares and it is only 800m away from the Carboneras coast line. This makes it a pleasure to dive in it not only for its beauty, but also for the short sailing trips to the dive sites.

The San Andres Island has clear and healthy waters, something that becomes evident while observing its abundant marine life and its Posidonia fields.


Around the San Andres Island we have 9 dive spots and different ways to do any of them. 

  • Los Cañones: (maximum depth 12m)

Los Cañones is a beautiful dive in which you glide between natural canyons and passageways that create beautiful light inlets. It is perfect for initiation,  and for experienced divers.

  • El Acuario:  (maximum depth 14 m)

As the name indicates this dive spot is an explosion of life and light. This dive is perfect to enjoy diving in an easy and full of life dive.

  • Cueva de las Corvinas: (maximum depth 18 m)

It´s named like this for having a large sandy square area surrounded by walls and small caves where large Corvinas and other spices as Moray Ells, Congers, Hermit Crabs are hidden. The dive is suitable for all divers and has great variety of life and landscapes.

  • La Cara Externa: (maximum depth 22m)

This is the outermost dive of the Island. It has a spectacular wall which falls until 22m depth. Its walls are full of incrusted life and normally it used to be full of active marine life . 

  • El Arrecife: (maximum depth 10m)

This dive is ideal for initiation dive and refreshment. It is a beautiful area with an extraordinary light and full of fry banks between rocks and meadows of Posidonia.

  • Pared de la isla: (maximum depth 16 m)

It is a beautiful and simple dive, suitable for all diving activities. It has very varied landscapes: a long wall that gives its name, recesses and cracks full of life to explore with the spotlights, Posidonia meadows full of fry and a broken stones area where Roncadores may be seen at day and night.

  •  El Cráter: (maximum depth 20 m)

It is one of the most popular dives site of the Island. It is an underwater mountain away from the profile of the Island about 20m. This beautiful mountain has a large cavity that looks as a volcano crater. Once inside the crater, it is amazing to look up and make a 360º panorama. The entrance of light and the shape of the mountain wont leave us indifferent. In addition, there is a large window that connects to the outside of the crater and its walls are upholstered with the beautiful Golden Buttons.

It is a perfect dive for all levels and very good to practice buoyancy.

  • El Motor: (maximum depth 27 m)

On the outermost part of the Crater Mountain, rests in the sand a large Engine from a World War II bomber . Osce above the Engine the descent is beautiful. As you go deph the engine starts to draw until you see it clearly and mysterious. The Engine is colonized by different invertebrates and it is a hiding favorite place  for large Moray Ells and Congers.

It is necessary to be an advanced diver or have the specialty of deep diving to do this dive.

  • Las Gorgonias: (maximum depth 29 m)

This dive spot has beautiful Gorgonians seen from 22m to 29m. Descending down the west slope of the Crater, we find this underwater valley that stands out for the presence of different spectacular Gorgonians to inspect them closely with good light.

It is necessary to be an advanced diver or have the specialty of deep diving to do this dive.