How To Start Diving?

Have you ever think about diving?  You will love it!

To start diving you have 2 main options.

  • First diving experience not focused in ending as a certified diver. It is call Discover Scuba Diving (DSD). It last aproximately 3hrs. During the DSD you will have a short introduction about diving and safety, and a propper dive (full equiped) in a pristine protected area for arround 45min. Your maximun depth would be 10m and you would be fully assisted and supervised.


  • Initiation certified courses. The first step to became a diver is the Open Water Diver course (OWD). It will allow you to dive untill 18m all arround the world and it does not expire. The OWD courses last 3 or 4 days and includes 5 issues of theory