Open Water Diver Certification

If you have always been attracted to scuba dive and being able to discover the underwater world, the Open Water diver (OWD) course is a geat option for you!

This certification allows you to dive deep to 18m. You may use it arround the world and it does not expire.

It consist on three main phases:

knowledge development: a long the course you will learn the basic principles of scuba diving. Therefor you start with 6 modules of theory which you would complete on-line at home (diving plarform)  before we start with the practical part here on the diving center (All study materials are included).

Confined water dives to learn basic scuba skills: it includes practical exercises. They are necesary to learn the basic skills required to practice a safe scuba diving. All skills will be done at sea on a depth going from 2 to 5 meters. It helps you to end up the course more confident in your diving skills.

Open Waters dives to use your skills and explore: it includes 4 dives on depths going from 10 to 18 meters. During the dives you would practice all the skills learned before and use them to explore on real dives.

Structure: 6 modules of theory, 2 confine water dives and 4 open water dives. All dives are done at sea on a protected area (San Andres Island) full of marine life. Every dive would last at least 45min.

Materials: includes all equipmente needed for diving, online study kit, logbook and insurance during the course. You wil need 1 passport pictures and a medical certificate (for diving) to start the course.

Duration: arround 10hrs to finish the theory and at least 3 days (better 4 days) for the practice.

Availability: weekly from monday to thursday (booking required. If other dates are availables please contact us).

Reflections: there are many dive companies which taught scuba diving (PADI, SSI, FEDAS, ACUC…) but even more important than the method, when you start diving you should choose a proper diving center or diving school. Ask for references to other students: what is included on the price,  how long are the dives (it is obligatory 20min. per dive, and we do at least 45min. aech, which is more than doble time). For safety remenber not to choose the cheapest, choose the one that can teach you the most.

Don´t wait to became a diver… DIVING IS GREAT FUN!